Hey there, I’m Nondu

I am a law lecturer and the founder of Vegan Attempts – an online platform that started out of my complicated relationship with food and many failed attempts to go fully vegan.  It has now grown into an exciting venture that does food styling, recipe development, vegan picnics and food photography.

My struggles with food have not ended. On this blog, I share parts of my journey with you with the hope that you will start to think critically about your eating habits. My experiences at Vegan Attempts have taught me that for many of us simplifying our relationships with food is a long, complicated journey that requires commitment and openness. This is undoubtedly a challenging undertaking, but one that is certainly worth pursuing. On days when I feed my body nutritious plant-based foods, I experience unprecedented self and emotional-control, noticeable health benefits, and significant mental clarity. This is the motivation behind every Vegan Attempt. 

Vegan Attempts is not about converting people to veganism. It is about encouraging people – including myself – to think critically about their relationships with food and to gradually simplify their relationships with food.

I hope that you will join me on my pursuit of greater fulfilment through health and creativity. 


Nondumiso Phenyane



My picnics are the perfect place to meet and connect with other people who are trying to improve their relationships with food. Together, we listen to great music, eat delicious vegan food and discuss our complicated food relationships.


VA-Lew is a Vegan Attempts initiative that teaches young people the importance of creating and giving value when founding a business. Participants are required to attend a series of workshops on value-creation and entrepreneurship and given basic assistance to start their own businesses.  


Follow my blog to get easy, tasty vegan recipes and read inspiring Vegan Attempts stories. You can also watch honest reviews of vegan products and restaurants on my YouTube channel, Complicated Food Relationships. 


I am the founder of Vegan Attempts, but I have struggled to go fully and permanently vegan. This is unfortunate… But it also means that if you struggle to live on a purely plant-based diet, you are not alone!

I create all the recipes on Vegan Attempts, but I hate cooking, and I seldom follow recipes. That’s why most of the food on this blog is raw, and the recipes are often terse.

Vegan Attempts was started in Bloemfontein, South Africa, but is now located in the picturesque Stellenbosch.

I am a lecturer and a self-taught food stylist and food photographer.

Food is my muse, and Vegan Attempts is my creative outlet. I love everything about the creative process at Vegan Attempts.


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Shimeji Mushroom Cauliflower Rice

As ironic as it seems, I don't like cooking. I especially hate spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that takes 15 minutes to eat! So quick meals are my forte! This shimeji mushroom cauliflower rice is just right for me: It's quick, easy to make and...

Coconut Red Lentil Soup

Trying to live on a plant-based diet is especially hard on those days when you want a warm hearty meal. The coconut red lentil soup is a great option to satisfy that desire. It's really easy to make. Saurté one diced red onion with one diced red bell pepper in coconut...