Of all the the juices in the world, green juice is my favourite. It’s refreshing, cooling and nutritious. I never get tired of it. Below I share how I make our daily juice, but of course, there are many variations of green juice which you absolutely have to try.

2 cucumbers
4 apples
3 pairs
5-6 kale leaves
4-5 spinach leaves
A handful of parsley
The juice of half a lemon. Alternatively, you may use mint or ginger depending on your preference.
Refrigerate for 3-4 hours because cool green juice is always best!

Play around with your greens. Don’t be afraid to add other fruit that you like or more of the ingredients
that you prefer. Also, when juicing leafy greens, sandwich them between apples and pairs. This might
help you get more juice out of the leaves (this is not scientific, just thoughts).